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28mm/1:56th Resin WW2 Air Mail Beacon Station

28mm/1:56th Resin WW2 Air Mail Beacon Station

This listing is for a single 28mm/1:56th Resin WW2  Air Mail Beacon Station . These models are perfect for games such as bolt action.


This is a transcontinental air mail directional/field beacon that the US installed from the early 1920s until WW2 and used through the 50s. These overlap about 10 years of Prohibition so could be a cool centerpiece for some smuggling meetups. These would feature heavily in any alt-history invasion of the continental US during WW2 game.

Even if you don't want to use it for purpose it's a good set of smaller scatter terrain, just don't glue together the concrete pad foundations into the bigger arrow (I left mine separate for this purpose). Also don't glue the fuel pipe to the side of the shed to keep it modular. The "no lights" tower B file is for those of you that want a miniature to be able to stand in the nest, or hack the tower to some other purpose.

This model is sold unassembled, the assembled picture reference only!


This model is printed under license from Windham Graves.

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