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Guns and Gallantry: World War One Naval Scenarios

Guns and Gallantry: World War One Naval Scenarios

Step into the turbulent waters of World War I and command your fleet in a series of thrilling naval scenarios that will test your strategy, bravery, and leadership. Guns and Gallantry offers an immersive experience, bringing to life the epic naval battles and daring missions that defined maritime warfare during the Great War.


Inside This Book:

  • Historical Battles: Relive pivotal engagements from the war, meticulously researched and authentically recreated for your tabletop.
  • Dynamic Scenarios: Engage in a variety of mission types, from large scale fleet actions to smaller intense ship-to-ship combat.
  • Additional Ship Profiles: Command vessels not available in the core Dread Not! rules with additional ship cards.
  • Strategic Challenges: Test your tactical acumen against unpredictable weather, and evolving battle conditions.

Whether you're a seasoned wargamer or new to naval strategy, Guns and Gallantry provides hours of engaging gameplay, rich with historical detail and strategic depth. Assemble your fleet, plan your maneuvers, and sail into history's greatest naval confrontations.


Are you ready to navigate the high seas and lead your fleet to victory? The challenge awaits in Guns and Gallantry: World War One Naval Scenarios.


Fair winds and following seas!

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